Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-Duty Towing Services

If your vehicle needs a towing, then you know what to do – right? You call a tow truck. But if your vehicle is bigger than the tow truck, or if it is in an awful position, then you will need heavy-duty towing. Fortunately, for residents in the Metro Atlanta area, there is Big Ugly Truck to save the day. We offer emergency truck and semi-truck towing as well as interstate truck towing. Interested parties can call Big Ugly Truck to speak with a live representative. We are happy to answer your questions or concerns and arrange an urgent tow today. Our crew are ready when you are.

What Is Heavy-Duty Towing?

If your sedan breaks down on the road, you know you can call any towing company and pay some cash to have your car brought to the mechanic. What happens when you vehicle is not a sedan but a semi-truck? That’s when you hire a heavy-duty towing company. In short, heavy-duty towing is the type of towing used for heavier vehicles such as trucks and semi-trucks. Other types of heavy-duty vehicles include:

  • Buses
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • RVs and Trailers
  • Boats

A traditional tow truck is likely not going to have the power and size to move these larger vehicles, so call the folks at Big Ugly Truck. We can also tow multiple, smaller vehicles at once. Call us any time to consult with a courteous representative.


Reliable Service Around the Clock

Whether your semi-truck has veered offroad or it is time to relocate your trailer, the folks at Big Ugly Truck are ready to help get your schedule on track again. We are proud to offer heavy-duty towing at all times of the day. We can get a crew dispatched to your location as soon as possible, but first we will need to better understand your situation. Call Big Ugly Truck at any time of the day to get in touch with a live representative. They will ask you some questions so that we can arrange the proper towing vehicle for you.
If your medium- or heavy-duty truck is damaged beyond repair, you can even consider selling it to Big Ugly Truck on the spot. We can pay you cash and take the truck off your hands then and there! Call Big Ugly Truck to learn more about your options.

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Interstate Truck Towing

Towing does not only have to be for emergencies. Interstate truck towing is a popular service for homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you have heavy equipment or multiple vehicles that need to be transported across state borders, the folks at Big Ugly Truck are ready to help. Call now to consult with a friendly representative.

Get a Free Price Estimate Upfront

We are strong proponents of honest and transparent pricing. We are happy to give you a free price estimate upfront. Naturally, the cost is going to depend on factors such as the load weight and the distance traveled, and our friendly staff are happy to get you those details. Call Big Ugly Truck now to get started.